Highway to the Heavens – Photography by  Iwan Groot

The Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway.

In this shot I thought it was pretty cool how I managed to capture the bend in the atlantic road Bridge (StorseisundBrua) and the pathways that allow tourists to walk around without danger for nice views. and the sign for the bridge.
with so much daylight I found the it hard to show the direction of light since it was so soft so I went for dark ominous mood though it wasn’t that stormy. Which is an occasion I want to come back for. I also want to come back when I have a long reaching lens to capture different dynamics of the bridges that make up this road.
I also want to photograph the road at night and also in sunshine to show the nice turquoise waters around the different rocks, from which the road hops to and fro.
took about 3 hours to drive there and went all the way over and back to get an overview of the different parts and then when I knew what I wanted to photograph we started the capturing of the scenery. – Iwan Groot

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