The Torch – Photography by Ryan Dryer

Stunning scene of wildflowers and twilight looking towards the Tatoosh Range. Washington, USA.

This is a stitch of many horizontal images taken at 16mm, extremely close to the foreground, and with a different focus point for each image. Each frame was then stitched together by hand to create this vertical image that would have not been possible to get by using a single frame from any wide angle lens.

I decided to reprocess this file for two reasons. The first being that I was never truly happy with the first version, as I was still fairly new at tackling these sorts of processing challenges. The second reason is that I wanted to film the processing and make it available for people to check out if they were curious as to what goes in to something like this and wanted to learn it themselves. 

Ryan Dryer

Last Updated on February 17, 2019 by Moonipulations


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